E-Learn TNSchools and initiative by Tamil Nadu School Education Department to helps students to learn lessons from home for the benefit of school children. Using it, students can learn lessons from home through online video.

Lessons from Class I to XII (Tamil and English medium) and Free Online NEET Class have been uploaded to the website.

How to Learn Online through e-learn TNSchools Website:

1. Visit: https://e-learn.tnschools.gov.in/e-learning

  • And Choose your Class (from 1st to 12th)
  • Then Choose your Medium of Study (Tamil, English)
  • Final Choose your Subject that you want learn

For Example above we choose Class V - Tamil Medium - Maths Subject

Then any of Topic you want learn in that subject.

For Example we selected "அமைப்புகள்" after Learning Resource will be opened.

How to Join Online NEET Training at E-Learn TN Schools Portal:

1. Visit: https://e-learn.tnschools.gov.in/welcome

2. Choose "Click here for NEET Login" Button.

3. Now Enter Your User name and Password and Click "Submit" button.

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